At Cape Fear Smiles, your safety is our utmost priority. Our doctors ensure that we uphold the highest standards of care. We steer clear of mercury fillings and implement meticulous procedures for the removal of mercury amalgam fillings, prioritizing your well-being above all else. Trust that your dental health is in good hands with us.

What is a Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART)

We prioritize your well-being with our mercury safe filling removal procedures. Our doctors are committed to ensuring your protection throughout the process.

We take extensive precautions, starting with the use of protective clothing for our team members. Additionally, we employ specialized tools such as rubber dams and vacuums to effectively capture harmful particles and vapors in the air, safeguarding both our patients and staff.

For added protection against potentially harmful vapors, patients receive clean oxygen during the procedure.

To minimize mercury release during filling removal, we utilize cool water and carefully cut the filling into manageable chunks before drilling begins. Following the removal, we thoroughly rinse the entire area with a chlorella or charcoal slurry to eliminate any residual mercury, all in the interest of your health and safety.

Why is Removing Mercury Amalgams Dangerous?

Although commonly referred to as silver fillings, they actually contain around 50% mercury, posing significant health risks. Mercury is a hazardous metal known to cause permanent neurological damage, impacting both the brain and nervous system.

Traditional methods of mercury amalgam filling removal can lead to the inhalation or ingestion of substantial amounts of mercury particles or gas by both patients and dental professionals. At our office, our dentists and team are committed to your safety, which is why we implement specialized protocols to minimize exposure, ensuring the well-being of everyone involved.

Why Do You Want to Remove Amalgams From Your Teeth?

Dr. Norma Cortez and Dr. Alexander Hicks understand the concerns associated with mercury amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings do not bond securely to the tooth and can lead to leakage and bacterial seepage over time. We offer modern alternatives that mimic the appearance of natural teeth and chemically bond to the tooth structure, providing enhanced protection against decay.

We prioritize your dental health and safety. When it comes to replacing old mercury amalgam fillings, we employ safe amalgam removal techniques in Wilmington, North Carolina, to minimize exposure. We then replace them with aesthetically pleasing, healthier alternatives, ensuring your smile remains vibrant and your teeth are safeguarded for the long term.

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