Want Cape Fear Smiles to quickly improve your smile? Our dental bonding procedures may be right for you. Bonding is tooth-colored material used to fill in gaps or change the color of teeth. Requiring a single office visit, bonding lasts several years. Bonding is more susceptible to staining or chipping than other forms of restoration. When teeth are chipped or slightly decayed, bonded composite resins may be the material of choice.

Bonding also is used as a tooth-colored filling for small cavities. Additionally, it can be used to close spaces between teeth or cover the entire outside surface of a tooth to change its color and shape. To learn more about integrative dentistry and our dental bonding in Wilmington, North Carolina, call 910-763-0931 and schedule an appointment with our holistic dentists, Dr. Norma Cortez and Dr. Alexander Hicks.

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