1133 Medical Center Drive
Wilmington, NC 28401

About Us

Finding the Right Dental
 Office Can Be a Challenge

You should get the kind of dental care we would want for ourselves and we have some pretty high standards.

That means we see you as a person with your own unique personality and concerns – not just the next patient on the schedule.

You don't want to experience discomfort or pain during dental visits. That is why we focus on your comfort before, during, and after treatment.


You don’t like spending too much time waiting for dental appointments.

That means our dentist and staff always strive to be ready when you arrive.


You are a stickler for quality and think you deserve the highest level of care.

That is why we are so particular with the details of your treatment: our goal is your optimal dental health.


You should get the kind of dental experience you want.

We hope you choose us to be your dental office.


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